Road Trip



Left about 8:45 am for Memphis. Stopped at the McDonald’s Drive thru and got breakfast on the way out. The baby fell asleep shortly after we got on the highway. We had to make a few stops for the baby. The first one was at a rest stop where we were going to feed the baby and change him. Her husband accidently drove the wrong way on the side were the trucks parked. eep. We had to hike up a big hill. My sister carried the baby and I carried the diaper bag. When we were halfway up, my sister told me to go back down and tell him to move the van closer to the building. So I did. Then I had to walk up the hill again and find my sister. Some guy stopped and asked me for money. I told him I didn’t have any. I saw my sister watching me. Whew. We found the baby changing station in the handicap stall. I held the diaper bag and handed her stuff when she needed it. After we were done, I went to find my own stall to use the restroom and my sister stayed in the one she was at with the baby. While we were washing our hands, a lady came into the bathroom and stopped when she saw the baby. She said, “you are so cute” My sister said “Thank you.” the lady asked how old he was and my sister said 5 1/2 months. We gathered our things and walked out. I noticed that her husband had moved the car around to the front of the building. He said he had to back all the way up to get to the right driveway for cars. heehee Good idea. I bet it was tricky. I am glad he did it anyway. After the baby was done eating, it was time to get on the road. We ate our lunch after we got back on the highway. My sister packed fried chicken cheese, and carrots in the cooler. We also had crackers. I had packed two sandwiches. The ham and cheese tasted stale. I think when you put bread in the fridge or cold it does that. and my other sandwich was a pb and jelly and it got smushed. So I ate some of their chicken. it was good. Who knew cold chicken would taste good? hehe


We made a few stops. I used to know what times we stopped and what we did but I don’t remember. hehe I should have kept a log. We finally made it to Memphis around 7:30-7:45 pm. We unpacked the car. I am not sure how long it was after all this but we had dinner that night too. Dad said he could pick up carry out from Germantown Commissary . Dad went to pick it up while my sister and her husband were putting the baby to bed. I had a chopped BBQ pork sandwich with potato salad and cole slaw. My sister had same sandwich with french fries and baked beans. Her husband same sandwich with fries and cole slaw or was it beans? lol anyway and lastly Dad had ribs but I can’t remember his sides. Maybe french fries and something else. It was very good.


It was pretty late. I went to bed. I think my sister’s husband stayed up for a bit to watch the OSU game.



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