It was like a bad episode of House

On the 26th of February, I had my gall bladder surgery. I went home with the normal soreness from surgery that evening. Later that night, I was in extreme pain. I didn’t sleep at all. I texted my sister to tell her I was not well. She came into the room to see what was wrong. I told her I was in way too much pain. She helped me out of the bed. I had to bite down onto something to keep myself from screaming and waking up the baby. My sister helped me downstairs because I said the bed was too hard. Dad was supposed to be able to help me to the bathroom if I needed it but he was sound asleep. I had to drag myself … well not drag … but I had to support myself by holding onto furniture. The next day the pain was still bad.

To make a long story short, there were complications and I ended up in the hospital. (Wednesday) I started out in the ER to see if maybe IV pain meds would get me on a good pain regimen. The doctor’s in the ER decided to hospitalize me to control and monitor my pain. They said the pain I was having was too severe for this type of surgery.

I didn’t get any sleep. Dad came back to the hospital at about 6 am (Thursday). Thursday is a bit of a blur for me. I was still in extreme pain.They did a series of tests. I only remember the first one. I wasn’t allowed any pain meds for it. I was in agony. The nurse said she would get a heating pad for my bed. It was one of those huge ones where they add water. It sounded like a water bed. I  had just gotten comfortable enought to fall asleep when they came and woke me up for a test.

They injected something into my IV and I had to lay in this machine for over an hour. It was taking pictures of my organs. They let me watch a movie but I was in so much pain everything was blurry. I wasn’t allowed any pain medicine for the test. I also had to go the bathroom about 30 minutes until the end. So I had to hold it for 30 minutes. After the test was done, they said they had to run another. Dad told the guy I had to use the bathroom badly. The tech helped me to the bathroom. After I got back they said I would need another test that would take another hour. Dad said I was in too much pain. The guy said they could have my nurse come down and give me some iv pain meds. We told him we thought I wasn’t allowed any since they wouldn’t give me any before the test. I don’t remember much after I got the meds.

I feel asleep after I got back to my room. They came and woke me up for another test. I got out of bed and was shivering violently. They took my temp and it was 102. I don’t remember much of this test. Just that I was shaking from the fever and people were staring at me as they wheeled me down the hospital. The last thing I remember was the doctor standing over me for the endoscopy to put the stint in.

Apparently, things got much worse after one of my tests. They had me do this scan after my endoscopy where I had to drink this junk. I do not remember this test at all. All I remember is people shoving cups of nasty liquid in front of me. Apparently it was my sister and Dad trying to get enough down me otherwise they would have to go down my nose. I kept falling asleep between sips and they would wake me up.

(Friday) The next thing I knew I woke up in a different hospital room and I had wires stuck on me and one of those oxygen things in my nose. I saw my dad sleeping in a recliner nearby. I was so confused. Did I almost die or something? I tried to wake my dad up to have him tell me what happened but he was out. I must have fallen asleep after that. I was woken up when the nurse came in to check on my vitals. She asked me what number my pain was. I tried to roll over and for the first time ever I didn’t have pain. “This is odd.” I said. “I am sore but it isn’t painful.” Looks like the stint worked. I told her I had to go to the bathroom. She brought over one of those bed side things and helped me onto it. After she helped me back to bed she told me, I might feel like I can get out of bed but I wasn’t allowed. I really couldn’t every time I stood up for the bathroom I needed help moving.

My Dad finally woke up and I told him I was confused and asked how I needed up here. He said I got much worse and they put me in intensive care. My heartrate was 157 and fever was 102. My sister said I was grey. I stayed in ICU until Friday night then I went downstairs I was finally released from the hospital the next day.

Friday night, I was convinced I had to get out of this place. I actually thought I would die if I stayed there. I kept telling Dad I wanted to go home. I didnt get any sleep.

It was hell. I had to ask Dad if all this really happened to me. Before I was released from ICU a nurse from the endoscopy came to check on me. She said I looked so much better and she was glad i was okay. and she hoped my sister was okay. Apparently she was freaked and worried about me.

After I was released, I had another setback. The endoscopy doctor called in some medicine. I had to drink this orange type stuff. Also, I had to stay off work for a week. When I was home that week after the hospital, I noticed I started had pain from the surgery. It was pretty bad but it wasn’t as bad as before. I didn’t need some the prescription pain meds tho. All I needed was tylenol. I had already had the worst pain ever this was a piece of cake.



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