1. I love photography. I take photos every chance I get

2. My dream is to take pictures of polar bears in the wild.

3. My favorite animals are polar bears, tigers, snow leopards and wolves

4. I love to read.

5. I was born prematurely. I only weighed 2 lbs 9 oz. I wasn’t expected to live. They brought my mom down to see me daily. Mom still calls me her “miracle baby”

6. Before taking pictures of polar bears, I used to take photos of classic cars on a regular basis

7. I have never drank or been drunk. Too many bad things happened to people I know and it made me avoid alcohol.

8. I don’t leave anywhere without my point and shoot camera.

9. I love to travel

10. I am flying makes me very nervous but I do it anyway .

11. I have a fear of driving in the snow

12. I prefer not to drive on the highway

13. I worry way too much. I have bad anxiety

14. I almost died from routine surgery and ended up in the ICU. I developed PTSD and an eating disorder after that ordeal

15. I want to travel and make a photography blog of my road trips

16. I wish I had a passport

17. My favorite vegetable is peas

18. My favorite store is American Eagle.

19. I love hoodies.

20. I love my Macbook Pro and my Pentax K-r


3 thoughts on “#20FactsAboutMe

  1. Wow! These are some very interesting facts about you. Number 2 would be pretty awesome to experience. I’m not a professional photographer, but just being there would be pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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