Christmas traditions

Me at my grandma's house at Christmas

Christmas Traditions back then …

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. We would go to my Grandma’s (my dad’s mom) house and she would make her traditional dinner. My Great Grandpa, my Uncle, my Great Uncles, and many Cousins would be there. Before Christmas, my Grandma, my sister and I would make the sugar cut out cookies of trees, stars, bells, etc. I would sit at the kitchen table and watch my Grandma and great grandma cook our Christmas dinner. I would say, “Grandma.” and both of them would say, “Which one?” 😀

Grandma's baked tomato dish

My parents have been divorced since I was 5 so dad always gave everyone equal time with us during Christmas. He would drop my sister and off at my Mom’s house so we could spend Christmas with my mom, stepfather, and brother at my Grandma and Grandpa’s (mom’s parents) house. Also, we would go to my Grandpa’s (my dad’s dad) house.

Grandma moved to Florida many years so we would make the Christmas dinner she used to make when I was little. We had done it for a few years until my sister, her husband, and my nephew moved to Cleveland. Now, we don’t get to do our Christmas dinner as often as we would like. But we did do it for a couple of years.

Christmas Traditions now …

Now, we go up to Cleveland to see my sister, her husband, my nephew and my niece, and my brother in law’s family. We spend the Christmas at my sister’s house. On Christmas morning, we have breakfast then open our Christmas presents then head over to spend Christmas with my brother in law’s family.

Today, we went over to my brother in law’s parents house for Christmas Eve dinner. We had roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn and broccoli. It was amazing. After dinner, the grandkids opened their presents.

Tomorrow, we will have our Christmas together at my sister’s house then go over to spend Christmas with my brother in law’s family. Everyone brings in something to eat. After dinner, her in law’s exchange gifts.

My Christmas tree


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