Sweet Siku: Orphaned polar bear cub shows off antics on TODAY

Sweet Siku: Orphaned polar bear cub shows off antics on TODAY.

Siku the polar bear, only five weeks old, has already conquered the Internet and now, TODAY. The Scandinavian YouTube star has been busy making animal-lovers swoon with his abnormally cute activities (including such irresistible moves as rolling around with his tongue out). It’s easy to see why more than 1 million YouTube fans are gaga for the newborn.

The playful furball, who made an exclusive debut on TODAY  Tuesday, is now in the care of handlers at Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark after his mother was unable to nourish him. His main handler, Frank Vigh-Larsen, is doing his best to ensure his survival – and in the process, making us all swoon.

“It takes a lot of patience, it takes away your sleep, but it gives back a fantastic opportunity to see this little thing grow up,” Vigh-Larsen said live from Kolind, Denmark on TODAY as he handled the cub, who is now just the size of a large cat. Siku has drawn worldwide attention like Knut, who was born in captivity in Berlin and died at the age of 4. But Siku “will grow up in a different environment” than Knut, Vigh-Larsen said Tuesday. Read more.


I LOVE seeing polar bears in the news. I wanted to cuddle him. When we got polar bears at the Columbus Zoo, they were almost 4 years old.

Polar bear at the Columbus Zoo (taken by me)


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