My 2011 in Pictures

My 2011 in Pictures


Bronson Pelletier was tweeting so I tweeted him that I was glad he was tweeting again and that I missed him. He tweeted me back


I took this photo of an Amur Tiger at the Columbus Zoo


Polar Bear at the Columbus Zoo


Washington Monument and Capital in Washington DC taken by me


NKOTBSB released a greatest hits CD with two new songs. If you re-ordered you got your name include on a list that came with the CD.


Autumn Woods, Germany National Geographic's Photo of the Day: June 2011



I took this photo at the NKOTBSB concert in Columbus, Ohio on July 24th



Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call from Twilight Saga) at the Cincinnati Twilight Convention taken by me


White Lions, South Africa from National Geographic's Photo of the Day: September 2011


Kelton House taken by me


Leopard at the Columbus Zoo taken by me


Christmas lights on my house taken by me

I didn’t have any photos I took in June and September so I went to National Geographic’s Photo of the Day and picked some. I was glad I found this because they have some really cool photos.



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