20 Facts about me

me at 2 years

1. I love to travel.
2. I love family get togethers and learning about family history.
3. I love to read.
4. I was born premature. I wasn’t supposed to survive so they brought my mother to see me every day.
5. My dream job is to be a wild life photographer for National Geographic.
6. It is a dream of mine to take pictures of polar bears in the wild in Churchill Manitoba Canada
7. Polar bear is my favorite animal and also the animal I have photographed the most
8. Flying makes me nervous but I do it anyway
9. I love buying things of polar bears. stuffed polar bears, t-shirts, books, photos etc
10. Ever since I was a little girl I liked staying in hotels. I like looking at pictures of hotels, amenities etc
11. I have this cute hobby of looking at real estate or apartments. I like looking at houses and apartments.
12. I have never been on a boat
13. I have only lived in two states. Ohio and Wisconsin
14. I rather walk than drive. It is a dream of mine to live in a walkable city like NYC or Washington DC
15. I rarely drive on the highway
16. I started out photography by taking photos of classic cars.
17. Driving in the rain makes me nervous
18. I have a fear of driving in the snow. weird I know
19. I have bad anxiety
20. Not Thinking is my worst flaw especially when it comes to shopping I just buy it.


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