This post was extremely hard to write

I went through a dark time the week of December 28, 2015. I was unemployed for 7 months. I became excited about a job interview I had scheduled at a place I was really looking forward to working. On December 29, I went to my interview full of excitement. By 5pm that day I was suicidal. My interview did not go well. It was so bad I almost left several times but instead I suffered through it . I won’t go into detail because of the triggers.

This suicidal thought scared me. It was the first time I actually had planned the way I would end my life and place to do it. I laid in bed and cried for hours.

Somehow I didn’t end up killing myself. I decided I would spend the day in bed and watch Ghost Adventures all day. I have been fine ever since. I can’t explain why it helped but it did. I have been a fan of the show since it first started.

I can honestly say I am fine now. There are still triggers for me every time I drive past the location where I had thought I would end my life. Also, an episode of Ghost Adventures triggered me. It was a very hard episode to watch especially when they described how the woman killed herself.

If you or someone you know feels hopeless or like they have no reason to live, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for help and support. Source:

Just because spending a day watching TV has helped me does not mean it would help you. If you are struggling get help. It was hard for me to deal with on my own I had wished I had asked for help. I would not wish that feeling on anyone. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness.

Update: April 13, 2016 – This post was not meant to fan girl over Ghost Adventures. I just wanted to explain why you may see me tweet about watching it all the time. Besides it being my favorite show it relaxes me when I watch it. You are probably wondering, “What are you going to do if it ends?” One thing I have noticed about watching Ghost Adventures is no matter how many times you watch an episode it is just as exciting as watching it for the first time. Plus it is fun to experience your favorite episodes over and over.



My 2015 in Books


Here are my 7 of the 14 books I read in 2015. The ones not pictured I borrowed from the library











I had planned on reading every month but at the end of March I was in the hospital for a week. In April – we decided to see our house so during the month of May we packed up the house. Our house sold in two days when it was listed in May. And finally in June we moved to Cleveland. So that explains all the gaps in my reading.

Hopefully I can read every month next year.

Book Review for The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez


The Red Umbrella

Christina Diaz Gonzalez

Hardcover, Published May 11, 2010 by Knopf Books

I wanted to read this book because I love to read historical fiction. This story shows what happens to families in Cuba during the time Castro was in charge. Castro and his followers take over the government anyone who is branded has a traitors is punished. To them safe, Lucia and Frankie are sent to the United States. The Red Umbrella is a fictional story of a real event called Operation Pedro Pan. Parents feared the Cuban Government would take away their parental authority.

This story is told from a fourteen year old girl’s point of view. Instead of living the life of a normal teenager, Lucia Alvarez must look after her seven year old brother Frankie as they make the journey from Cuba to the United States.

The first half of the book looks at how beautiful Cuba is and how hard it was for families to leave Cuba. The second half of the book shows what it is like for Lucia and Frankie when they go live with a foster family in Nebraska.

This book was very good. It was very real at times and there were many times I cried while reading it. I was glad it had a happy ending but after I read it I wondered if there were some families who were never reunited.

To find more books by Christina Diaz Gonzalez go to her web site:

Smashbook pages

I finally finished my Smashbook. I love how it turned out. I decided to make it an all about me book (my favorite actor, places I have been, places I want to see etc.

Here are a few pages:

IMG_1291IMG_1312 IMG_1313IMG_1299

The rest can be found here:

What is a Smashbook? Learn more about them here:

To Read Jar : a fun way to decide what book to read

photo 1-1


I found this idea on Pinterest and Instagram. If you search ” tbr jar ” you can see examples.

If you are like me, you have 300+ books on your “to read” list on Good Reads and you have trouble deciding what book to read.

The things you need:

  • Jar
  • Your reading list
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Materials to decorate the outside

1. You can use any type of jar you want. I picked a clear jar so I can see inside. I bought my jar at Target for $1.99 where I also found some labels to label my jar “The Book Jar”  but you can decorate your jar any way you like.

2. First you will need to cut the paper to the desired size. I picked colored paper so I could see them inside the jar.

photo 2-1


3.  Next write down the titles of books you want to read onto the pieces of paper. I picked 20 titles from my Good Reads list.




4. Place all of the pieces of papers into the jar and shake.

photo 3


I made a list of all of the books I put in the jar to avoid duplicates. For the books that are in a series, I just wrote down the title of the first book. There is something I cannot decide though. If I pick a book that is a series, do I just read that book? Or do I finish the series before I pick from the jar again?

Here is a list of my books to read:

  1. Until the next time by Kevin Fox
  2. Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) by Cassandra Clare
  3. Death by Darjeeling (A Tea Shop Mystery #1) by Laura Childs
  4. The City of Ember (Book of Ember #1) by Jeanne DuPrau
  5. Keepsake Crimes (A Scrapbooking Mystery #1) by Laura Childs
  6. Slavery Inc. : the untold story of international sex trafficking by Lydia Cacho
  7. I Heart New York by Lindsey Keik
  8. Hidden girl : the true story of a modern- day child slave by Shyima Hall
  9. Dear nobody : the true diary of Mary Rose by Mary Rose
  10. The girl who was supposed to die by April Henry
  11. Breakfast served anytime by Sarah Combs
  12. What I thought was true by Huntley Fitzpatrick
  13. The Raft by S.A. Bodeem
  14. Girl Stolen by April Henry
  15.  Summer of the Wolves by Polly Carlson-Voiles
  16. Murder Past Due (Cat in the Stacks Mystery, #1) by Miranda James
  17. Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1) by Maggie Stiefvater
  18. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
  19. All These Things I’ve Done (Birthright #1) by Gabrielle Zevin
  20. The wolf gift by Anne Rice




Fado Irish Pub

We were shopping at Easton Town Center and decided to try Fado Irish Pub. Since I would love to visit Ireland someday, I have always wanted to check this place out. They are located at 4022 Townsfair Way Columbus, OH 43219 in Easton Town Center across the street from Barnes and Noble and Easton Hilton.

Fish and Chips is amazing. I ordered a half order and it was plenty for me.

I hope to visit them again soon.

For more information on Fado Irish Pub, visit :

Places in Ireland I would like to visit


Cliffs of Moher from Wikimedia Commons


City of Cork from Wikimedia Commons

Cities in Ireland I would like to visit some day:

  • Killarney
  • Galway
  • Cork
  • Dublin

Places I would like to go while in Ireland:

  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Giant’s Causeway

I am sure this list will get longer. I doubt I could ever go since it is in the $1,000s to fly there. But it is still fun to dream.